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Downtown LA Bridge Engagement Pictures // Vinh + Jess

Bridge Engagement Photos
4th Street Bridge Engagements2
Bridge Engagement Photos
Bridge Engagement Picture
4th Street Bridge Engagements4
4th Street Bridge Engagements5
Bridge Engagement Pictures3
4th Street Bridge Engagements6
4th Street Bridge Engagements7
Bridge Engagement Pictures2
4th Street Bridge Engagements8
4th Street Bridge Engagements9
4th Street Bridge Engagements10
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Bridge Engagement Pictures
LA Bridge Engagements

As a new year begins it has been so fun to reflect on all of the wonderful couples I have been able to photograph this past year. I am working on putting together a goals for 2015 and a look back on 2014 post so check back soon for that!

In the meantime, let’s start this year off right with a beautiful and sophisticated downtown Los Angeles engagement session! Do you ever see a color scheme that is just so pleasing to the eye? That was this session was for me. Typically people want to pop in pictures and will wear a contrasting color to stand out, but I have to say, I really enjoyed the beige and cream tones that both Vinh and Jess wore and how they perfectly matched the color of the bridge. Toss in an elegant black hat and some heels I felt like we were on a bridge in the middle of Paris! … almost. :) I had so much fun playing with the architecture on the 4th street bridge and capturing the ruggedness of downtown LA in the background. I am definitely looking forward to continuing to explore the streets of LA with my 2015 couples and creating more magical images!

On one final side note, I have some exciting news for all of my Pacific Northwest friends…I will be spending a bunch more time in your neck of the woods and would love to photograph you all! Jenna Bechtholt Photography will be relocating to Seattle, WA!!! But for all of my LA people, I will also be down in Southern California quite a bit too and am more than happy to fly down for your wedding! So if you are engaged and looking for a Seattle wedding photographer to document your big day please contact me today! I will be offering a special rate to the first few Seattle brides that I book.

Warm & Wintery Griffith Park Engagement Photos // Nate + Manuela

Griffith Park Engagement Photos
Griffith Park Engagement Pictures.
Griffith Park Engagement Photos2
Forest Engagements
Griffith Park Engagement Pictures
Griffith Park Engagement Picture3
Griffith Park Engagement Photos5
Griffith Park Engagement Picture
Forest Engagement Pictures
Griffith Park Engagement Picture2
Flower Crown Engagements
Griffith Park Engagement Photos10
Griffith Park Engagement Pictures3
Griffith Park Engagement Photos8
Griffith Park Engagement Photos9
Griffith Park Engagement Photos7
Griffith Park Engagement Sessions
Griffith Park Engagement Session
Griffith Park Engagement Session
Sunset Engagements
Griffith Park Engagement Pictures2
Griffith Park Engagement Photos12

Nate and Manuela are such a sweet and happy couple. They were such sports and drove all the way up from Orange County to meet me in LA at Griffith Park! I had such a blast spending time with Manuela and Nate while I photographed their lovely Griffith Park engagement session. Not only did we end up having the most amazing afternoon light, but Manuela rocked a homemade flower crown!! And if you guys know me at all by now you know how much I adore flower crowns and really anything floral. I can’t wait to photograph their big day next year!

Engagement sessions are so much fun and an absolute MUST before a couple ties the knot, in my opinion! Not only do a future bride and groom get some pretty and playful images of themselves during this unique time in their relationship, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and for your wedding photographer to get to know you! I always include an engagement session in each of my wedding packages because I find it to be an invaluable bit of time spent with each of my couples. Here are a few key reasons to schedule an engagement session before your wedding day…

1.       Many couples haven’t taken professional portraits together so this is a great opportunity to get a bit more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

2.       Your photographer is able to see how you two interact together and decide what poses work best for you, which ultimately helps to relieve a bit of stress for all parities involved on the wedding day!

3.       And lastly, this is a chance to get to know your photographer as well as your photographer getting to know more about the two of you! You may think “why is that important?”, but your photographer will be by your side for almost every moment of your wedding day. So it’s in your best interest to get comfortable around that person!

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