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Olivas Adobe Wedding Reception // Keith + Rachel

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Some couples dread their wedding reception for various reasons, some of which include standing for long periods of time in a receiving line, outdated traditions or feeling worn out from a whole day’s worth of activities. But not Rachel and Keith! This sweet couple actually spread all of their wedding festivities out over an entire weekend and decided to welcome in this new chapter of their lives by throwing a kick ass party complete with a live band, tasty food and a colorful fiesta theme! Not only was their party one for the books, but Rachel and Keith are two of the coolest individuals I’ve met in a very long time! They are the kind of people that you instantly want to be friends with, if you aren’t friends already. They’re warm, kind, bubbly and just good people! So needless to say, photographing their wedding reception at Olivas Adobe (a charming Spanish style Ventura wedding venue) was nothing short of amazing.

I particularly enjoyed how unique this reception was. I mean, the bride wore a floral wedding dress and the groom was rockin orange slacks paired with a vintage brown coat — how rad is that?! As much as I love a white wedding gown and a traditional wedding vibe, I was completely in love with Rachel and Keith’s colorful decor. The whole event was so charming and full of life! Congrats to this amazing couple.


Wedding Coordinator/Stylist: PS Plans

Cakes: Action Cookies

Florist: Amanda Claverie

Venue: Olivas Adobe

Catering: Lemonade

Lake Arrowhead Engagement Photos // Chelsie + Zack

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My favorite season is upon us!! Hello, Autumn! But ever since moving back to California I have truly missed the changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures and I crave the rare opportunities to wear a sweater and some socks during this Fall season. So I’m thrilled to report I had my first taste of Autumn while exploring Lake Arrowhead with Chelsie and Zack during their recent lakeside engagement session! The air was crisp, there were colorful leaves all over the ground and I was in heaven. And let me just say…sometimes venturing outside of your everyday neighborhood in search of new scenery does the mind good and gets those creative juices flowing – and that is exactly what this session did for me!

These two are lovers of fishing and they knew they wanted to incorporate their shared hobby into their autumn engagement session. So with that in mind, we decided to head up into the mountains to take advantage of the beautiful bodies of water and the amazing surrounding forest. LA is jammed packed with great restaurants, beautiful beaches and fun touristy spots but one thing it lacks (in my opinion) is more open spaces full of nature, greenery and life! Lake Arrowhead is a perfect spot for any Los Angeles wedding photographer to bring clients to that are looking for a woodsy and cozy feel to their engagement or bridal portraits.

I had so much fun chatting with Zack and Chelsie and hearing all about their wedding plans. I’m really looking forward to documenting their special day at the Falkner Winery in Temecula — talk about a dreamy place to tie the knot!

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