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San Juan Island Wedding at Eagle Cove // Henry + Jenna

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A summer wedding at a private venue on San Juan Island, can you think of anything more perfect? Ocean views with rocky cliffs, a nearby forest for portraits and an Orca Whale sighting were only a few wonderful memories that I have of Jenna and Henry’s wedding celebration.

This sweet couple was married on a warm summer day in Washington at Henry’s family’s home in Eagle Cove, which sits right next to San Juan Island’s American Camp State Park. We began the day with Jenna and Henry’s first look in a lush forest. Not only is having a first look a great way to knock out some formal portraits before the ceremony but it’s a very special time for the bride and groom to take in their soon to be spouse with a very intimate moment alone. The rest of the day was full of love, laughter and great food. These two are clearly adored by so many and it was wonderful to get a peek into their world!

My favorite part of Henry and Jenna’s big day was when the sun began to set and we snuck away for some sunset photos down the side of the cliff right below the ceremony site. Many friends and family came down to enjoy the views with us and right as the party was wrapping up we spotted Orca Whales dancing in the distance. As a Seattle wedding photographer I would definitely say that this was a perfect Pacific Northwest wedding.

Angeles Mountain Center Wedding in Los Angeles // Jon + Marnie

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If I could tell my future clients one thing other than lighting matters it would be to do your wedding YOUR way! There are quite a few wedding traditions that many couples include because they think they’re “supposed to” but honestly your wedding comes and goes so quickly that I say incorporate elements into your big day that totally represent you and your partner. If a garter toss isn’t your thing then don’t do it or if you’d rather have a mix of guys and girls instead of all ladies standing up beside you then I say go for it! That was one thing that definitely stood out to me about Jon and Marnie’s wedding — they made sure that their entire wedding was about them individually and as a couple. These two decided to get married at Angeles Mountain Center in Altadena, which is in Los Angeles, and totally made the day about them. From Marnie’s gorgeous blush pink maxi skirt and a family heirloom used to create the chuppah to inviting guests to bring their camping gear and stay overnight, this wedding was full of fun and totally representative of who Jon and Marnie are!

While glamping weddings in Los Angeles (glamorous camping) are a big thing right now I would have to say this was much more laid back, rustic and true to camping form — just tents, sleeping bags and great friends. Lastly, as veterinarians and animal lovers, both Marnie and Jon wanted to include a few fun animals details, which were present in their invitation suite, the centerpieces on the tables and seating chart. This rustic camping themed wedding was full of lovely, thought out elements while still keeping true to who the bride and groom were and that is my idea of a memorable and successful wedding celebration!

Jenna Bechtholt is a Seattle and Los Angeles wedding photographer that specializes in natural light photography. Contact Jenna HERE to chat more about your upcoming wedding!