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Southern California Ranch Wedding // Tom + Sandy

Agua Dulce Wedding
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Tom and Sandy were married on a perfect summer day at their ranch in Agua Dulce, CA. Their wedding was an all day celebration and a perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones that flew in for the event from all over the country. The day started with a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony on the lawn and was followed by a festive mid-morning brunch. After a brief period of down time the party continued with a cocktail hour and reception complete with delicious food, party games and lots of dancing! It was an honor to document Sandy and Tom’s special day and to witness two families becoming one!

After venturing to Tom and Sandy’s ranch in the hills of Agua Dulce, it hit me that Southern California is truly the best place to be a wedding photographer! We have every kind of terrain possible, which means there is no excuse to ever be bored or uninspired. From the dusty desert and the many beaches to urban venues and rustic vineyards in the rolling hills of our wine country, I feel so lucky to be a Southern California wedding photographer!

Not only is the wedding industry booming in this part of the country, but couples from all over the world think it’s pretty great too and choose to have destination weddings in our beautiful state! I simply love the diversity and the many options that SoCal offers to brides and grooms looking to tie the knot and celebrate their love. I am beyond excited for the rest of my weddings this year and can’t wait to see what 2015 will have in store!


Florist: Claire’s Flowers

Venue: Private Estate

Hair Stylist: Michelle Combs

Makeup Artist: Temple Monsalvo

Malibu Beach Sunset Picnic // Chris + Kristin

Malibu Sunset Beach
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Malibu Beach Engagements.
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Happy July 1st! This year seems to be just flying by, doesn’t it? I’m worried that I will blink and all of a sudden these warm and happy summer months will be coming to a close. Growing up in Los Angeles I have such fond memories of summertime in Southern California, particularly the month of July. Warm weather, full beaches, bronzed skin, and the perfect summer breeze! We would spend hours by the pool or at the beach soaking up the heat from the sun without a care in the world. In my eyes, nothing beats summer in LA.

In honor of my dear friends Chris and Kristin’s 8th anniversary, we decided to put together a simple Malibu beach sunset picnic to celebrate and properly mark such an important milestone for them! The setup was loosely based on a beachy 4th of July theme where we included a few touches of red, white and blue along with a classic apple pie garnished with a few local cherries and a blue bowtie to tie it all together! Can you tell that I love this holiday?

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I am always on the hunt for new and fresh locations for anniversary, bridal or engagement photography! For this particular shoot I knew Chris and Kristin wanted to incorporate a beach element, so we picked Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu which is located right off of Pacific Coast Highway. This beach was the perfect pick because it wasn’t overly crowded, it is lined with a beautiful rocky shoreline and plant life, and has some awesome lighting as the sun is begins to set. It is pretty hard to beat Malibu beach photography!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend filled with friends, family, great food and, of course, a few fireworks! Happy Fourth of July!

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