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DTLA Millwick Wedding // Gabe + Zoe

Downtown LA wedding
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Downtown Los Angeles Wedding
LA Millwick Wedding
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Downtown LA Millwick Wedding
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As a natural light wedding photographer I have photographed and attended many weddings all of which are beautiful, full of emotion and so carefully thought out. But there is something to be said when a wedding so clearly reflects your own personal style and aesthetic — and this wedding was that for me.

When I first met Zoe and Gabe I knew right away their wedding would be a blast to photograph. I knew this based on their venue choice, description of décor and mostly because of their personalities. Everything about their wedding day was mellow, fun and beautiful. We started the day at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles where all of the ladies spent the morning getting ready. As soon as the boys were suited up Gabe met us at the Ace for a sweet first look moment. Typically first looks are done in private as to give the bride and groom a special intimate moment together, but Zoe wanted her bridesmaids to be there to watch and I loved seeing all the ladies’ genuine reactions when Gabe turned to see Zoe for the first time. From there we headed out for some completely urban bridal party portraits (it doesn’t get more city than a parking garage) and then made our way over to the venue.

You may remember Gabe and Zoe from their Downtown Los Angeles engagement session where we hung out on a bridge and caught some amazing golden hour light. Well, their wedding was held only a few blocks down the road at Millwick. Millwick is the sister venue to the ever popular Smogshoppe, also located near DTLA. These funky, urban venues are becoming more and more popular because of their unique charm and city flare. And I can’t stress how excited that makes me as an LA wedding photographer! If I could photograph weddings in DTLA every week I totally would. But let’s get back on topic …

Millwick is has an outdoor and indoor component to their site. The courtyard is where most ceremonies and cocktail hours are held and features tropical plants and wall gardens that bring some much needed greenery and life to the urban space. And if you are a parrot lover or simply into rad things then you’ll love their unique outdoor bar with parrot wallpaper as well as their huge custom parrot-patterned couch — both of which add a sense of fun and color! And to quickly name a few of my favorite indoor elements: the bridal suite, ability to play old movies in the background, abundance of greenery and the need for long tables instead of round ones. Clearly I cannot say enough fabulous things about this amazing DTLA wedding venue and I hope to be back soon!

Zoe and Gabe’s vision for their venue was amazing. They included beautiful long tables with simple place settings by Dish Wish, table florals and hanging arrangements by Rosebud Floral Designs, and a darling spread of cakes from The French Confection Co. The night was full of thoughtful toasts/roasts in honor of the bride and groom, Cuban dancing and a late night taco bar. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Thank you Gabe and Zoe for picking me to photograph your magical day!

And a special thank you to P.S. & Associates Event Planning for doing a wonderful job of putting everything together and coordinating the day.



Planning + Coordination: P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Flowers: Rosebud Floral Designs

Dishes: Dish Wish Events

Venue: Millwick

Getting Ready Site: The Ace Hotel DTLA

Catering: Simply Elegance Catering

Deserts: The French Confection Co.

DJ + Photo Booth: MES Entertainment

Calligraphy: Hue Creative

Invitations: Woo Paperie and Press

Wedding Dress: Katie May

Hair: Dry Bar

Makeup: Casey Robinson Makeup

26 April, 2016 - 5:46 pm

Jessica - Wow! This wedding is so beautiful! I love love love the Ace Hotel! – Jessica Miss Moore Style

Giracci Vineyard Wedding // Jack + Julie

Giracci Vineyard Wedding
Ranch Wedding in LA
Los Angeles Ranch Wedding2
Ranch Wedding in California5
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Ranch Wedding in California2
Rustic Ranch Wedding
Giracci Vineyard Spring Wedding
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Ranch Wedding in California
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Vineyard Wedding
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Giracci Vineyard Summer Wedding
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Giracci Farms Wedding
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Sunset Wedding Ceremony
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Los Angeles Ranch Wedding40
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Rustic Ranch Wedding15
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Giracci Farms Weddings
Giracci Farms Wedding

From the moment Julie and I began chatting about the possibility of working together I knew she and Jack would be dream clients. Their vision for their wedding day was rustic with a splash of elegance, a neutral color palette and an abundance of florals. Mix all of those elements with a completely outdoor Southern California venue and you’ve totally won me over! Another aspect Julie knew she wanted was a natural light wedding photographer to capture her day in a beautiful, bright and airy way. And I have to say that it’s a wonderful feeling when a client adores your work, appreciates your aesthetic and completely trusts you. I had the best time documenting Jack and Julie’s Giracci Vineyard wedding.

The team of vendors that participated in this special day was unreal. Little Hill Floral Designs went above and beyond with the flowers found at the ceremony site and all throughout the reception. From the florals draping the alter to the beautifully decorated cake and amazing bridal bouquet, Jenny went all out and created an intimate and memorable atmosphere. Cortney of Weddings by Cortney Helanie was so fantastic throughout the entire day helping vendors set up, keeping the day running smoothing (and on time!) and making sure the bride and groom were having a blast. So much talent and individual participation goes into a successful event and I really appreciate working alongside kind and professional folks.

Be sure to check out Julie and Jack’s sun-kissed Orange County engagement session, too! Another one of my absolute favorites.