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BoxEight Studios Downtown Los Angeles Wedding // Chris + Justine

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There are some weddings that just speak to you and this wedding was one that spoke to my happy wedding photographer soul! It was modern, fresh, urban and funky all rolled up into one perfect wedding celebration in downtown Los Angeles. Chris and Justine were married at BoxEight Studios in their outdoor courtyard and moved indoors for the cocktail hour and reception. Their reception featured beautiful blooms, a homemade paper backdrop, an adorable and fun tablescape and lastly a life-size photo collage made by a close friend.

What I particularly loved about Justine and Chris’ big day was that they customized their wedding to fit their personalities and preferences. They left out some typical traditions and added spunky, refreshing elements! For example, Justine wore a tea length-wedding gown that allowed her shoes to be a major focus of her bridal attire and they decided to munch on cupcakes rather than a traditional cake (and did so before dinner as a request of the bride!). I’m a huge fan of couples making new traditions and allowing their happy day to truly be about them.

I could go on and on about this rad downtown Los Angeles wedding but I’ll only share a couple more fun details of their big day just because they really stood out to me and I want to be sure to always remember them! First, during the portraits portion of the day we decided to just hang out in the Arts District downtown and on a whim we stopped off at The Pie Hole – Los Angeles where the bride and groom (who just so happen to be avid dessert lovers) shared a piece of pie with a fairly large audience! They were totally trusting and willing to just have fun and you can definitely tell they were having a blast! Another fun element was the bride and groom asked each of their guests to fill in their birthdays on a calendar in lieu of a guest book so that they could be sure to remember each guests’ birthday and celebrate their day just as all of their friends and family were doing for them on their big day! Lastly, the most touching element of this wedding was that Chris and Justine hand wrote a personal letter to all 200 of their guests and passed them out during the reception — which explains the few photos of large stacks of papers. Such a loving and memorable touch!

From the exposed bricks within the venue to the handmade cold brew coffee favors, Chris and Justine’s wedding day will go down in the books as one of my favorite weddings! A huge thanks to all of the vendors who participated and especially to BoxEight Studios for having such a cool space for weddings.

Congratulations Justine and Chris!

Orcutt Ranch Wedding // Andrew + Ariel

Orcutt Ranch Wedding
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Wedding season is upon us and things have been so crazy lately! Flying back and forth from Seattle to LA almost every other week has me feeling like quite the jet-setting businesswoman, but 4AM wake up calls to get myself to the airport is definitely rough! Either way I can’t complain because I am so happy with all of my beautiful couples this year and even with a hectic schedule I am desperately trying to stay on top of blogging because I have SO many wonderful and GORGEOUS wedding days to share! So here is an amazing Los Angeles wedding that I photographed a few of months ago!

Ariel and Andrew celebrated their big day with friends and family at Orcutt Ranch in Los Angeles. This was my first time at Orcutt Ranch and I instantly fell in love. I wouldn’t classify this space as a typical ranch wedding venue but it does have beautiful gardens, orchards, lovely dirt pathways and a charming outdoor area for a reception. I think my favorite aspect of Ariel and Andrew’s venue was all of the greenery and flowers found on the property – it made for breathtaking portrait backdrops and really created an imitate and lovely feel to their reception. Another favorite of mine were the getting ready rooms. As a Los Angeles wedding photographer I have seem many getting ready areas at venues and in hotels and it’s often difficult to eliminate the clutter and create soft, pretty images! But at Orcutt Ranch the rooms are all white, hard wood floors and had minimal elements in them leaving lots of open space and room to create (a photographer’s dream!). Not to mention the bright pink, vintage couch in the ladies’ room! This was such a fun, feminine piece and I took advantage of it for detail shots and some posed bridal party pictures.

All in all, Andrew and Ariel’s big day was full of love, beauty and wonderful memories! Congratulations again to this happy couple! I wish you both the very best in this new chapter of your lives.