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Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement Session // Brendan + Jessica

Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement2
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement3
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement4
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement5
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement6
Rattlesnake Lake Engagement
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement2
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement7
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement8
Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement2
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement3
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement9
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement10
Rattlesnake Lake Engagement2
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement11
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement4
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement12
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement13
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement14
Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement
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Rattlesnake Ledge Elopement2
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement17
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement6
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Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement20
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Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement21
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement8
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement22
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement23
Rattlesnake Ledge Elopement
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement24
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement9
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement25
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement26
Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement7
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement27
Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement28

Rattlesnake Ridge is one of those classic Seattle engagement locations that couples and wedding vendors alike can’t help but swoon over. The lush green forest, dirt hiking trails and, of course, the most epic view from the top. And as a Seattle wedding photographer I knew I had to make it out there at some point for a session and the stars finally aligned when Sabrina from The Petal Theory reached out to me about putting together a classic Pacific Northwest styled engagement session.

Sabrina is a florist from Arizona who creates the most amazing floral arrangements and installments. Her vision for this shoot was centered on a massive floral garland that would be draped on a tree in the forest for a unique backdrop and focal point. Our models for the day were Jessica and Brendan, an actual engaged couple who just so happened to get engaged at Rattlesnake Ridge only a few weeks earlier! Jess wore a floor length, black laced gown with a plunging neckline and dramatic side slit. Normally I’m a light and bright kind of gal but I was a huge fan of her entire look. The dark dress made for a really fun and edgy vibe that worked so well in the forest.

Sabrina and I weren’t totally sure how the lighting that day would play out but as the clouds began to break in the afternoon we made a last minute decision to make the 2 mile hike and we all ran up to the top of the mountain to catch the last bit of light of the day. We ended up making it just in time and it was definitely the right decision! Our hike back down was pretty much pitch black and we were all a little loopy but we ended the night with some burgers, fries and laughing about the highs and lows of the whole day.

Thank you to social media for yet again connecting me with some pretty amazing and talented people! And of course a special thank you to Sabrina’s husband who did SO much to help pull this thing off from beginning to end.


Vendor Love //

Florals: The Petal Theory

Hair: Meghann Oliberos

Makeup: Stace Cho

26 May, 2016 - 2:25 am

Kristina - Stop it, seriously stop it!!!! This is perfection and I am dying!!!!!! 😻😻😻😻 I just found you via IG. You’re stuff it’s gorgeous!!!! 👌🏻

25 May, 2016 - 12:22 am

isabella - THOSE PHOTOS ARE A DREAM <3 xo Isabella,

Mt Woodson Castle Wedding // Zach + Jordan

San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding5
San Diego Bride
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding2
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding3
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding
SD Wedding Day
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding6
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding7
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding9
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding10
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding11
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding12
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding13
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding14
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding15
Mt Woodson Castle Wedding
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding16
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding17
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding18
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding19
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding20
SD First Look
SD First Look2
SD First Look3
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding21
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding22
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding23
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding24
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding25
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding26
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding27
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding28
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding29
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding30
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding31
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding32
Floral Arch
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding34
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding33
Mt Woodson Castle Wedding2
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding35
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding36
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding37
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding38
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding39
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding40
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding41
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding42
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding43
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding44
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding45
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding46
San Diego Mt Woodson Castle Wedding47
San Diego Wedding
San Diego Wedding2
San Diego Wedding3
San Diego Wedding4
Mt Woodson Castle Wedding Day
San Diego Wedding5
San Diego Wedding6
San Diego Wedding7
San Diego Wedding12
Mt Woodson Castle Wedding Day3
San Diego Wedding9
San Diego Wedding8
San Diego Wedding13
Mt Woodson Castle Wedding Day2
San Diego Wedding11
San Diego Wedding10
San Diego Wedding15
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding2
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding3
Mt Woodson
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding4
San Diego Mountain Wedding
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding5
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding6
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding7
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding8
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding9
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding10
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding11
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding12
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding13
San Diego Mountain Wedding2
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding14
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding15
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding16
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding17
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding19
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding18
San Diego Wedding Decor
San Diego Wedding Decor2
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding20
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding21
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding22
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding23
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding24
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding25
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding26
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding27
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding28
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding29
Mt Woodson Castle SD Wedding30

Sun, palm trees, warm weather and beautiful people — it doesn’t get more California than that! And it was the perfect combination for Zach and Jordan’s unforgettable San Diego wedding. These two are actually Michigan natives but decided to move out to sunny San Diego together and haven’t looked back. They love the sun, the mellow vibes of the west coast and all things surfing and, let’s be honest, with the blonde hair and perfect tans they totally look the part. But back to the wedding, in lieu of heading back home to Michigan for their wedding, Jordan and Zach decided to have their friends and family from back home come out to join them in a wonderful San Diego wedding celebration held at Mt Woodson Castle. And wow, was it an amazing day!

The entire bridal party started off the morning getting ready at the Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego. Or maybe I should say the ladies did. The boys, on the other hand, woke up early to hit the beach and catch a few waves in preparation for the big day! When everyone finally arrived to the venue the girls jumped into their dresses and the bride and groom shared a sweet first look moment together.

The ceremony was held on the front steps of the castle entrance, which was quite a backdrop, complete with swaying palms, the stone structure and a beautiful floral arch. But my favorite part of the entire day was after the first dance when the speeches began. Zach and Jordan were dating for many years before they tied the knot so their families and friends already knew each other and had endless stories to share. The genuine laughs, sincere smiles and gracious words were so memorable to me and I was SO happy to have caught a few of those moments on film.

The evening continued with some great food, drinks, dancing and the most amazing photo booth. If you are in Southern California and need a photo booth for you wedding make sure to check out The Photo Bus. Their booth is unique in that it’s an old school VW bus turned into a photo booth. They have funky colors, a marquee sign that lights up and you get rad photos of all of your guests. It was so great that I needed to get the bride and groom in the bus for a few snaps during the reception. The night concluded with dessert, dancing and spending time with guests before everyone jumped back into the charter buses and went back to downtown San Diego where the party continued!

Thank you to Jordan and Zach for being such sweet souls and throwing an amazing bash. I loved every minute of working with you, including your epic Joshua Tree engagement session!! I wish you many, many happy years together! And thanks to a wonderful vendor team who put in so much hard work — everything was beautiful!



Venue: Mt Woodson Castle

Florist: Third Bloom

Agate Table Numbers: Fox + Sparrow Design

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

Photo booth: The Photo Bus

Dress Designer: Katie May

Bridal Veil: Olivia Nelson

Hair: Thorne Artistry

Makeup: Elizabeth Root

Desserts: Sweet Cheeks Baking

DJ: Behind the DJ Booth

Video: Arroyo Films

Officiant: Ceremonies by Bethel

Live Musician: Thomas Giglio Events