My First Experience Offering Mini Sessions

This was the first year that I offered mini sessions in Seattle and Los Angeles, and I was blown away by the experience! I have had so many requests and inquiries for mini sessions over the years, but it was never something I felt ready to put the energy into because mini sessions typically begin just as wedding season is wrapping up. It is logistically a lot to plan and schedule, but I have to say that my first year was a huge success in my books!

Mini sessions are generally held on specific dates with time slots that run back to back in order to fit in multiple shorter sessions in one day at a discounted rate. Mini sessions are often loved by families with young kids or pets who’s attention span will only last for 20 minutes or so, or people who are looking for a true handful of good shots to get updated photos without committing to an hour-long session.

I worked with 30 different families, couples, and individuals over a few weekends this fall, and we did 25 minute morning and afternoon slots in both LA and Seattle! The length of the sessions felt perfect for getting a variety of shots without feeling too rushed or repetitive. And clients were easily able to pick their favorite 20 images for downloading with a lot of options to choose from. Many also upgraded their package and purchased the whole gallery! I met a few new wonderful people and saw so many past clients with their growing families. I think my favorite part was seeing those old clients coming back for updated family photos! It’s a gift to get to stay in their lives after their wedding day.

Overall my experience was hugely positive and I will most definitely be offering mini sessions in 2024! Fall is the most popular time of year to hold minis, but I am considering also doing a Spring event for those who want the option of beautiful Spring florals around Mother’s Day and Easter. So if you’re thinking of booking a mini with me next year keep your eye out for more updates for Seattle and LA here on my website and over on Instagram (@jennabechtholt)!