Urban Los Angeles Wedding at The Holding Co // Chris + Maggie

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I met Maggie and Chris through a wonderful LA wedding coordinator, Jennifer Laskey, who represents some of the coolest venues all over the city like Madera Kitchen and Rancho Chiquita in Malibu. As soon as I heard that Chris and Maggie would be hosting their spring wedding at The Holding Co I was eager to join their vendor team.

The Holding Co is a dream venue located in Los Angeles between Silverlake and DTLA. While this venue is on the smaller side and meant for more intimate celebrations there is no lacking in beautiful and, above all, unique décor. The many details found throughout the space, such as the burnt orange brick wall, a vintage multi-paned glass window, hanging string lights, the wood and tin walls outside, an abundance of plants and a bright white indoor space with a loft above, add so much life and character to the venue. You hardly need to decorate anything because it looks so well put together already. But I think my favorite feature of The Holding Co is they used to be an auto shop and the current owners decided to leave the garage door installed and use it as a doorway into the interior space. Thoughtful and unique characteristics like that really stand out to guests as well as in pictures and help make the event that much more memorable.

And the venue became even brighter and more fresh with the help of Empty Vase, who made so many amazing floral pieces. A few of my favorites included the hanging garland for the ceremony and dessert backdrop, countless extravagant bouquets placed all around for décor, and the garlands that laid on the long dining tables and spilled over the edges all the way to the floor. I can’t stress enough how big of a role flowers play at a wedding. Especially when they look like these! Florals help set a very specific aesthetic for an event and can help a room feel romantic, elegant, clean, fresh and pretty much any other adjective you could ever want! As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, I’m always so thrilled when I get to photograph beautiful flowers on a wedding day.

Congratulations to the new, happy couple!



Photography: Jenna Bechtholt Photography

Venue/Catering: The Holding Co.

Wedding Coordinator: Weddings by JL

Florals: Empty Vase Florist

Band: Crowd Theory

Hair/Makeup: Katie Cordero Makeup & Hair

Desserts: Sugar Studio

Rentals: Archive Rentals