Seattle Fashion Photographer // A Year in Color with West Coast Aesthetic

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Working with fashion bloggers over the last few years has been a new adventure for me. While weddings are still my number one focus, working with Los Angeles and Seattle fashion bloggers to produce fresh and beautiful content is something I’m really enjoying and excited to do more of! It’s pretty amazing to see the various routes small and even very established brands are taking when it comes to advertising these days. Printed ads and commercials are becoming a thing of the past, and instead companies are investing in influential bloggers to create content with their products that will reach the masses and sell their items. Hence the booming world of fashion blogging that I’m sure you’ve noticed! And that’s pretty major! Young men and women without a modeling background are utilizing their creative passion for design, style, fashion, interior décor, cooking, and more along with their ability to market themselves to create an income, free merchandise, and some people’s entire livelihood comes from this kind of work! It’s been really fun to see this change first hand while also collaborating with these amazing people.

This particular Seattle blogger is Allison Wagner of West Coast Aesthetic! I met Allison a few years ago through Instagram and decided to set up a time to meet and shoot a couple of looks for her blog. And today Allison is one of my very closest friends! We’ve shot numerous times together for the style portion of her blog and today I decided to share a few peeks from some of our many projects! I’m calling this A Year of Color as all of these sessions were done in different times of the calendar year and my hope was that the weather, the outfits, the colors, and mood would reflect a certain time of year! Think: end of winter into spring, which moves into late summer and then towards the fall and winter again.

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A few favorite blogger collaborations: