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Seattle Fashion Photographer // A Year in Color with West Coast Aesthetic

Working with fashion bloggers over the last few years has been a new adventure for me. While weddings are still my number one focus, working with Los Angeles and Seattle fashion bloggers to produce fresh and beautiful content is something I’m really enjoying and excited to do more of! It’s pretty amazing to see the […]

We Are the Northwest // Winter Fashion Editorial

We Are the Northwest was a creative project Allison and I wanted to put together to celebrate and share the style, culture + beauty found in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW is generally thought to be dark and gloomy, and images shared of the upper left are often moody, full of shadows, and edgy. And […]

Sarah Styles Seattle Fashion Photography

While I’m primarily a wedding photographer in LA and Seattle I absolutely love getting together with fashion bloggers and collaborating on projects when I have breaks in between weddings and engagement sessions during the year. I find that fashion photography is so different than weddings and it really allows me to be creative in a […]