Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session // Jarred + Tori

March is a risky time for an outdoor engagement session in Seattle, particularly in the mountains, but Tori and Jarred knew that they wanted a forest setting for their session! So after months of back and forth, they decided LA just wouldn’t cut it and they were going to make the trip up to Seattle from Los Angeles to visit me in the PNW and find the perfect wooded location. That’s some real dedication!! And I love it. So as soon as I heard Jarred and Tori had booked their flight, I knew I wanted to take them to Rattlesnake Lake because I think it’s an ideal forest spot. They were both completely excited, even with the 70% chance of rain in the forecast, and we set off on our adventure!

And okay, you guys, we got SUN! After a solid few weeks of rain and clouds with the occasional glimpse of sun in Seattle, we ended up with a mixture of a few sprinkles with clouds and full on sunshine. It was a complete miracle! I couldn’t have been happier because, you all know by now, my specialty is natural light photography with a strong emphasis on sunlight, and I need that beautiful sunshine to create my magic.

We spent the early afternoon hiking through the woods, snapping away, and having a blast. I think one of my favorite parts of our day together was watching Tori and Jarred’s excitement over the location. Coming from LA, we don’t see a lot of forests, moss, or rain, so watching these two gawk over all three reminded me so much of myself when I first moved to Seattle. The PNW really is an enchanting place that everyone needs to visit and see in person at least once!

I was so pleased with the outcome and, more importantly, Tori and Jarred got to have their dream engagement session in Seattle! These two ended up staying for a couple of days to enjoy the sites and eat their way through the city — and I’m sure they’ll be back.