Ariana // Los Angeles Photographer

A few days ago my good friend and I took a short hike up a tall mountain to watch the sun rise. There is something so peaceful about being awake in the early hours of the morning while the city around you is still fast asleep. We started our shoot before the sun was out and about halfway through we were greeted by a sudden flood of light peeking over the mountains in the distance. I adore how these images tell that particular morning’s story // Slowly waking up. Slight fog. Crisp, cool air. Burst of light. Warmth. A new day.

I will always love how these pictures capture the stillness & beauty of my hometown. I also am kind of obsessed with how beautiful Ariana is! She did an amazing job of modeling for me & has convinced me that I need to go out RIGHT NOW and purchase a jean jacket. To die for.